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Keep Fit, Reduce Stress and Have Fun with “Espiritu Latino” Studies have shown dancing to be just as good at improving the heart’s health as using an exercise bike  – and a lot more fun. Exercising without realising it – WOW! How would you like to keep fit, reach a natural high, reduce stress, have fun, gain confidence all at the same time? Salsa dancing will exercise your body and mind and energise you without the permanent injury that is often caused by other high impact fitness regimes. For couples and friends, it takes your relationships to a new level, creating a magical atmosphere. Whether it is at the class, party or dancing the night away on holiday

Why Choose Espiritu Latino?

Her bubbly and relaxed stress free teaching style is why her students keep coming back for more. The course will take you from complete beginner and instil you with Latin Spirit AKA “Espiritu Latino”.   Her classes are structured and follow a curriculum, this way every student progress at the same time. By really listening and observing the class, she adapts the pace so everybody is comfortable and happy with the lessons. Not too fast, too slow, too complicated or too simple and when the students want to do Merengue this week, guess what? they get it, after all it is their class. “Dance night is my best night of the week” “I feel so full of energy”, “Always finish on a high”, “Can’t believe how easy it is to follow” are typical of the comments made during the class

Professional Credentials

Genuine Latina Brought Up With Salsa. 11 Years Experience of Teaching Salsa. Fully Qualified – Exercise to Music Teacher Fully Qualified – Zumba Teacher. Fully Qualified – First Aider (St Johns). Fully qualified – Holistic Therapist. Public Liability Insurance. Public Performance License.